Nurse Call

As a provider of nurse call systems manufactured by Rauland-Borg for more than 30 years, NCC Systems designs solutions to help improve work flow, reduce noise, improve communication, improve patient safety and provides the tools to improve the hospital’s HCAHPS scores. Rauland’s use of the latest technologies (wireless and smart phone integrations) provides the hospital with the resources to respond quickly and accurately without wasting steps. Software integrations to hospital ADT/HL7, staff assignments, PC consoles and reports for vital information on staff response times and efficiencies.

NCC Systems is unsurpassed in its service and commitment to the customer by offering quick response times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Acute care solutions
  • Extended care solutions
  • Fast, direct communication
  • Significant reduction in overhead paging
  • Enhanced nurse mobility with intelligent call routing
  • Connect directly to other communication, planning and reporting technologies
  • Standards based communication – right sized not one sized
  • Simplify and streamline workflow
  • Bring together the whole facility in the delivery of outstanding patient care

NCC Systems is an authorized reseller on the NYS OGS Comprehensive Telecommunications Equipment & Solutions contract held by Rauland Borg. This allows us to offer easy procurement of products for state and local agencies.

NY State Contract Information:
Group #: 77018
Award #: 21350
OGS Contract #: PT64537
Expires: 3/17/2024

Equipment covered under New York State (NYS) Contract: Nurse Call, Mass Notification, VOIP Communications, School Safety, Total Classroom Solutions and Time Synchronization. Value Added Reseller (VAR) under Rauland Borg.

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